Writing a cross examination mock trial script

Roman, your VIP clients are important to your career as the branch head? Des: And this VIP client of yours, who was a defendant in that criminal case, had a high-profile account in your bank, correct? In fact, it is often best to leave the sentence in the form of a declaration, technically making it a question through voice inflection or by adding an interrogative phrase at the end.

Denise: Naturally, I am the branch head. None of these problems can be avoided entirely, but they can be minimized by conducting careful cross examinations and setting realistic goals.

Ask yourself whether the witness can be made to retract or back away from her testimony or whether additional facts can be elicited that will minimize its impact.

Roman, you are tasked with transacting with the VIP clients behind these high profile accounts?

Writing a cross examination mock trial script

The advocate above listened more carefully, however, and was able to obtain the precise information sought, There are other ways of accomplishing the same outcome. Denise: Naturally, I am the branch head. In terms of your own preparation, setting a mental limit for the length of the cross will help you concentrate and to organize your thinking. It must be a guaranteed winner. Des: I assume that in the span of all those 30 years in the banking industry, you have handled several high-profile accounts, Ms. Roman if your VIP clients pull out their accounts from your bank? Were you able to finish on a high note, or did you simply give up? While there may often be reasons to depart from such a hard and fast rule, there is no doubt that short cross examinations have much to commend themselves. Remember too that an effective cross examination often succeeds through the use of implication and innuendo. While they may not always be successful in stopping the attack, they are bound to try. The more words you use, the more chance there is that a witness will become confused by them or refuse to adopt them all. Des: Ah I see. Des: Ms. So customer satisfaction is your number one priority as well, Ms.

Final argument is your opportunity to point out the relationship between facts, make characterizations, and draw conclusions based upon the accumulation of details.

If a question contains more than a single fact or implication, it is not short in concept.

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Des: As the branch head then Ms. If you do not already know the explanation, then cross examination surely is not the time to learn it. A witness who has become accustomed to answering short, leading, propositional questions will be more likely to stop explaining. For example, assume that you are cross examining the defendant in the fire truck case. An inattentive lawyer might have interpreted that answer as a denial or otherwise let it go by. In this context, control means only that the examination follow the course that you have selected and that the information produced be only that which you have determined helpful. No matter how low key or friendly your style, almost every cross examination will in some sense be viewed as a contest between you and the witness.

You might also be able to use the witness to elicit discrediting information about the other witnesses in the case. Within the scope means that the subject matter of the questions asked on cross must be the same as the topics covered during the direct examination.

Roman, is it not true that that you have been previously convicted of the crime of giving false testimony?

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