Why i want to be a medical assistant

Why i want to be a medical assistant

Medical assistants are vitally important members of any health care team and they perform a multitude of tasks that ensure quality patient care while assisting other medical staff members with their administrative and medical duties.

If these five reasons have piqued your interest, you may want to further explore how to get started on this career path.

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Completing a certified medical assistant program or associate degree is often a necessity to get hired. Do not talk about your salary, or education, as a reason for your job choice. Search for:. Many of our campuses offer full-time day programs, and some of our campuses even offer the flexibility of part-time evening classes the evening program takes longer than one year to complete. When most people are at home in the winter season suffering from flu symptoms you are assisting in the healing and preventative process. Therefore you should do your best to convince them that you consider your role a mission, that you follow an inner calling to help people. The job itself teaches you a valuable set of soft skills, including flexibility, analytical thinking, and the ability to work effectively within a team. You can help others and feel good about what you do If you are the type of person who gets personal satisfaction from helping someone in need, you will be in a career that is based on helping others. Smaller practices tend to rely on their medical assistants to handle both administrative and clinical duties, while MAs at larger practices and hospitals tend to focus on one or the other. Get Started with a Certified Medical Assistant Program Today Interested in becoming a medical assistant or still have questions about becoming one? Working in the health care industry allows you to assist others by honing your medical-related knowledge and competence. Besides knowing the ins and outs of the medical practice, assistants interact a great deal with patients. Sample answers I love to help people, and I always wanted to work in healthcare.

Sample answers I love to help people, and I always wanted to work in healthcare. But beyond the service mindset that characterizes people in the medical field, there are a lot of other reasons to become a medical assistant!

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Do not talk about your salary, or education, as a reason for your job choice. Job Placement After you complete your program at MTI, our job placement assistance program will even help you find a position. Becoming a medical assistant can be fulfilling for many reasons.

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This skill is sure to translate to all parts of your life. Secondly, this is truly a helping field, and if you love to help people this is the field for you. This is mostly due to the size of the baby boomer generation — including

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We certainly experience both approaches to this profession, when we are sick and need help of medical professionals… In general, however, HR managers at hospitals and clinics prefer to hire people who really care for their job, people who do not work only to earn money. Another factor that ensures that jobs will be available is the fact that the baby boomer population is aging and more and more health services will be needed. According to the U. As you mull over your options for health career education programs, consider the plusses of a medical assistant career. Most people, however, are dissuaded from starting medical school due to high fees and long training periods. Even when you have a particularly challenging day at work, the next day is likely to bring an interesting medical procedure to learn. Flexible schedule Most medical assistants work on a full-time, 40 hour week basis. As an MA, you might become: Clinical team leader.
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6 Great Reasons to Become a Medical Assistant