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We see the impact of others and make assumptions about their intentions.

dont do unto others what you dont want done unto you

It is argued that following in this belief leaves you open to being taken advantage of. Thus the "golden rule" might still express the essence of a universal morality even if no two men in the world had any needs or tastes in common. When this happens, I want to be able to recover, to explain my intentions, undo harm, and make amends for any negative impact if I can.

why is it so important to treat others as we want to be treated

If I treat others in the way that I want to be treated in these ways, I foster the kinds of relationships I want, be that with colleagues, bosses, subordinates, family, neighbors, and complete strangers. A person who has no aversion to death would therefore have no aversion to killing someone else, perhaps in a suicide mission.

The Golden Rule eliminates double standards.

do unto others examples

In this way, the golden rule may be self-correcting.

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“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”