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As a fellow dancer, she knew about my desire to continue theatre and dance in college and illustrated how Vassar's extracurricular activities could nourish my own interests.

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In partnership with the Posse Foundation, Vassar was the first college to enroll veterans through the Posse Veterans Program, a program aimed at increasing enrollment of veterans at selective colleges and universities. For example, if you took a job to save money so that you could go on a medical mission trip over the summer, you can talk about what led you to make that decision, and how the dedication and patience you developed in the process might affect how you want to spend your undergraduate career at Vassar.

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You only have words to answer which means you have to research, research, then research some more before you start writing. One day, I will be driving down Raymond Avenue, scarf around my neck and beret on my head with the next four years in a trunk full of boxes, and my eighth-grade dreams will be fulfilled, because Vassar and I, we go way back.

A peculiar sensation surged through my chest. But in this case, we encourage you to use your own judgement. If you must use it, however, do so only once and then don't refer to it again.

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You start of with great prose and then your ending sounds very common, and, it might as well have "dude" to close. Limit words There are two main purposes of this essay. Cut it, flowed better. Yes, this is a truly optional question. You can also take this opportunity to briefly explain the circumstances that caused you to take a part-time job such as if money is tight at home, you are saving up for a medical mission trip, etc. Finally, an Early Decision application allows the Admission Committee to take your commitment to Vassar into account in the selection process. A Vassar student from my own high school taught me everything I needed to know.

Other than that, I am slightly jealous of this essay. A young girl gazed out the foggy window as she clutched a pamphlet in her gloved hand. Anne attended briefly while Meryl graduated with a B.

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How to Write the Vassar College Essays