Undiscplined traffic user behavior in jakarta

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On the other hand, the quality and quantity of infrastructure and facilities can not keep up with the rapid inflow of migrants. They expect public transportation to be: safe and secure, comfortable a. Based on a survey, office hours in West Jakarta and East Jakarta in general start at The ratio of private vehicles to public vehicles is 98 to 2.

Based on the data above, by looking at less than half the private offices that have implemented work hours at The City Metropolitan Police, whose working zone covers Jakarta, Depok, Bekasi and Tangerang, recorded more thantraffic accidents inkilling road users.

how to solve traffic jam in jakarta

However, it is not fair to only blame the police and other authorities for continued bad driving. The problem of clogging in Jakarta is not only due to the ever increasing number of motor vehicles and minimum development of streets, but also to the behavior of road users.

If the private offices in each region do this, the afternoon density will decline. During peak hours there is a long queue of passengers, the condition of some infrastructures is not maintained and damaged, even the level of violations against special bus lane rule remains high.

Therefore a time lag of about one hour is needed to prevent traffic buildup between a variety of different activities. From the discoveries, the violation and ignorance to the meaning of traffic signs, road markings, and traffic signal emitting devices are stimulated by internal and external factors.

In practice, many cars use fake plates and traffic jams build up on other roads as a result of the policy. Based on a computerized transportation simulation to see the traffic load on the road network, and given its geographical location which is on the edge of the city, it is necessary to pause office hours half an hour later than office hours in Central Jakarta and North Jakarta.

We all bear the responsibility of reminding others to respect traffic regulations, or at least ourselves refrain from breaking traffic laws.

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Life In Traffic Jam: November