The pest analysis of uk food

Pestel analysis of restaurant industry in uk

The Employment Act protects rights of employees. However, it is worth mentioning that the costs of living and higher education are on the rise. PESTEL analysis is usually conducted in the context of an industry; however, you can also carry it out on a country. Diagram: a Size of organisations according to employee numbers b Extent of geographical coverage c Extent of product diversity Findings: The number of groups and different companies which form the single strategic groups depend on the characteristics, one refers to. He writes regularly online on a variety of topics. Therefore, it does not seem to be feasible to analyse all of them individually. Diagram: Findings: First of all, competition within the food retailing industry seems to be large as well as diversified. The opportunity is that they can make more profits from producing or selling safe food, obtaining nice goodwill by showing their safe producing process. However, a detailed discussion on the legal environment of the country is beyond the scope of this article.

Political 1. Misconceptions surrounding the consumption of sugar have demonized it and people are now replacing it with products that contain more calories.

Introduction 2 II. New inventions by chance, price shocks etc.

pestel analysis of organic food industry

Another important influence can be found in the prediction of an economic growth in the next years. A lot has happened in less than fifty years. Bad news spreads like wild fire and can immediately affect your image.

pestle analysis of food industry in india

Millions of tourists from around the world come to the UK, particularly during summer. Furthermore, the costs for customers to switch to rival brands are relatively low.

These factors are: Positive Many free public services e.

pestel analysis of food industry in uk

The key factors of an external environment will possibly influence particular strategies successful or failure.

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The Pest Analysis of Uk Food Producing Industry Essay Example