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Many fans have expressed disappointment in Clancy's recent fiction works and sales of his books have reflected the growing trend of readers turning away from Clancy.

Of the rebooted Clancy novels, Mr.

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That it tastes yummy going down more than suffices to keep customers coming back. Some might think this a negative.

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His novel Clear and Present Dangersold 1, hardcover copies, making it the 1 bestselling novel of the s. Part owner of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team; Tom Clancy also owns a tank.

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In one firefight, "the A-Team took out 1, bad guys," he said. The couple separated briefly in , and permanently separated in December A guilty pleasure? Clancy bought the Baltimore Orioles from Eli Jacobs. It is worth considering, however, the fact that it is very difficult to copy the writing style of another author. He was More than 50 million copies of Clancy's books have been printed, and four have been adapted into major films: The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger and The Sum of All Fears, which debuted on the big screen in , , and , respectively. A few years later the agency joined a group of investors including Peter Angelos.

Thus far in the rebooted series, two of my favorite characters have given everything for the Republic. Clancy married his first wife, Wanda, in Divorce papers filed by Wanda in gave the reason that Tom Clancy had "committed adultery with one Katherine Huang", supposedly a New York assistant district attorney he met on the Internet.

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