The advantages and disadvantages of the dropping of the atomic bomb on japan

Almost all of the cases of leukemia associated with these bombs involved an exposure of at least 1Gy. In fact, the mortality rate due to hunger is more than the casualties of the bombing.

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The two targeted cities would have been firebombed anyway. It was even worse in Nagasaki, where up to 80, civilians were killed and an estimated soldiers. A failed demonstration might even serve to increase Japanese resolve. And humaneness extends to the animal world as well.

Costly Protection Millions of dollars were needed to be spent to develop the atomic bomb. Attacking Without Foot Soldiers.

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There was certainly reason to be concerned about the Soviet Union. One bomb, as it turned out, was not enough to force surrender. When all the effects of the radiation from these two bombs is taken into account, the acute effects would kill up to another , people in List of the Pros of Dropping the Atomic Bomb on Japan 1. It saved many lives. What happened in the explosion during World War II has built a lot of fear and horror. The cold statistics must give way to the human story. In other words, Japan would still have surrendered eventually. Some American soldiers in the Pacific sent home to their girlfriends the skulls of Japanese soldiers, to be displayed on their desks at work. As for the US and Japan, they were not able to predict the aftermath of the bombing, which led to massive deaths. They subsequently interrogated Japanese military, government and industrial officials, and they recovered and translated documents related to the war effort. The 12 POWs from the U. The U. He was run out of town before he could even start, and was relocated to New Jersey, where he was to work on a farm owned by Eddie Kowalick.

That was because we wished in this first attack to avoid, insofar as possible, the killing of civilians. Its islands were under a naval blockade, and its cities were undergoing concentrated air attacks. An example of how deadly the force of the atomic bomb has been during World War II was displayed in Japan.

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Having been counseled by Byrnes, Truman was already thinking about how to handle the Russians. It shows that Americans were willing to kill their own as way to prevent future casualties.

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To a significant portion of the country, protecting a fertilized human egg is so important; they are willing to base their vote on this one issue alone. The two cities were already on the schedule for conventional bombing. A traditional invasion could have cost many more lives. American refusal to modify its "unconditional surrender" demand to allow the Japanese to keep their emperor needlessly prolonged Japan's resistance. It should be noted that even President Truman told his Secretary of War that they would only be used on military objects, on soldiers and sailors, and not any women or children. Numerous songs advocated killing all Japanese. In a cable sent on June 4, the Foreign Minister wrote: It is a matter of utmost urgency that we should not only prevent Russia from entering the war but should also induce her to adopt a favorable attitude toward Japan. It caused massive deaths. There were over , people killed during these attacks, equal to the devastation that occurred in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It may have been only weeks or a couple of months before the Japanese eventually surrendered anyway. We might have differences of opinion, but all of us are human. It is clear as day that the Imperial Army in Manchukuo would be completely unable to oppose the Red Army which has just won a great victory and is superior to us on all points. Lack of Control There was no control of the means on how the atomic bomb caused devastation and human casualties.
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16 Advantages and Disadvantages of Dropping the Atomic Bomb