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The e-mail provided a clear statement of the research project and requested the list of completed doctoral dissertations within logistics and SCM within the analysis period.

characteristics of construction supply chain management

With a point of departure within the dimensions and classified categories of these two above-mentioned reviews, this paper provides two analyses: 1. Author: Roberto Perez-Franco. Second, reviewer subjectivity could not be completely eliminated in the review of the dissertations.

For comparative purposes, the data from the present review are portrayed and analyzed with the categories that are similar to those used by Gubi et al.

supply chain management thesis topics pdf

Advisor: Chris Caplice. Link: Download. Year: However, in order to minimize subjectivity, an aligned interpretation of the review elements and their outcome was obtained by a common review of three different types of dissertations one monograph and two article-based dissertations.

Advisor: Randolph E. The most recent review covering US dissertations was conducted by Nakhata et al.

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