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Heads of government departments and institutions are regularly called by this committee to report and account for expenditure.

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For example there is a Portfolio Committee on Housing which addresses issues which relate to the Department of Housing. The role of Portfolio Committees is to: consider Bills, deal with departmental budget votes, oversee the work of the department they are responsible for, and enquire and make recommendations about any aspect of the department, including its structure, functioning and policy.

When considering these Bills, delegates vote as individuals not as a delegation and each has one vote. The Committee can recommend that the National Assembly takes corrective actions if necessary.

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The NCOP will also elect a chairperson and permanent deputy chairperson to manage the affairs of the forum. Sign up to our mailing list Email. The Rules Committee and its sub-committees deal with House rules, the budget of the House, support for Members, internal arrangements, and powers and privileges of members. Members of the committees will also monitor internal arrangement and proceedings. They may require any person or institution to report to them. The committees play a very important role in the process of building democracy and involving the public in the processes and activities of Parliament. The Tax Administration Laws Amendment Bill includes measures to combat VAT fraud and a cumulative annual cap on deductible retirement fund contributions. There are two Chief Whips who are the official office bearers. Each province has one vote. Provincial Week The Provincial Week is another vehicle through which the NCOP seeks to realize its mandate of conducting effective oversight on matters affecting provinces. Legislative Authority Legislative authority is vested nationally in Parliament section 44 of the Constitution. The work of Committees is not restricted to government. The current Deputy Chairperson is Sylvia Lucas. They are handled in terms of the procedure delineated in section 77 of the Constitution.

Because party mandates are temporary elections are held every five yearsMPs are accountable in the sense that they may not be re-elected if they are not good public representatives or if they do not deliver on party promises.

In the NCOP there are two deputies, one permanent and one rotating. One represents the majority party and the other is from the largest minority party.

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Members of the Committee will amend legislation and policy documents where required. When deciding on these Bills the provincial delegations vote in accordance with the mandate conferred on them by their respective provincial legislature.

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There are six permanent and four "special" non-permanent delegates in each delegation. Most of this information is open to the public. They cease to exist once they have completed their mandates. The Tax Administration Laws Amendment Bill includes measures to combat VAT fraud and a cumulative annual cap on deductible retirement fund contributions. If the Chairperson is not present at the sittings, the Deputy Chairperson or House Chairpersons can preside over the sitting of the chamber. A section 76 Bill is agreed to if at least five provinces vote in favour of the Bill. Committee meetings are open to the public, but may be closed if there is a good reason to do so. The Chairperson is elected from the permanent delegates for a five-year term. Committees in the provincial legislatures Provincial legislatures also have committees. Standing Committees Some committees are permanent structures and are known as "standing committees" such as the Public Accounts Standing Committee. While the delegates in the NCOP represent their political parties, they also have the important duty of representing their provinces as a whole. Each province has one vote. Taking Parliament to the People Every year for a period of a week, the full complement of the NCOP sits away from Cape Town and in partnership with the provincial legislatures invites members of the public to raise challenges relating to service delivery. Ad hoc Committees Parliament or one of its Houses may appoint an ad hoc temporary Committee when a special task must be done.
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National Council of Provinces