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Nurses are the ones who answer our phone calls, take our temperatures,blood pressures, give us shots and much more. In some cases men are necessary when nurses need that extra physical strength. Male nurses can make certain patients feel comfortable.

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There was a dire need for nurses in the hospitals because of the different communicable diseases that were around. Currently, of course, it is illegal to deny any student admission to college or university on gender, bias of race, disability, religion and other similar factors. In a convenience sample of 15 male nurses has revealed that the difficulties encountered by male nurses throughout their career development efforts are related to the gender expectations of patients and male nurses improve on their professional knowledge and skills with the aim of obtaining higher levels of contentment and better opportunities for promotion. Shootings at 80 percent were the top way homicides were carried out with 86 percent happening in the private work sectors BJS, We post helpful information about academic writing and sample papers in order to inspire students to write papers on their own. This is because when compared to female nurses, male nurses are physically fitter, emotionally tougher and they are the better at handling male patients. Those factors include poor nursing image, negative public perception, low economic status, and gender stereotypes. Most common stereotypes among men in nursing are failed medical school applicant, gay or effeminate, misfit, and womanizer Burton and Misener, It should be acknowledged that females are in great numbers as compared to their male counterparts in the nursing profession. Females are often steered away from the things they enjoy doing simply because it may seem too masculine.

Studies also recommend that even in female-dominated occupations such as nursing, patriarchal gender relations which is likely to reflect a high appraisal of all that, male and masculine, play a significant role in placing a significant number of men in administrative and elite specialty positions.

For instance, male nurses are prime targets of this abuse.

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Being fitter means they have the better strength and endurance. Society plays a big part in how we learn gender. How to cite this essay Choose cite format:.

Male nurses essay
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Essay on The Issues and Barriers of Male Nursing