How to write a creative brief for a project

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elements of a creative brief

Timeline: So you can allocate your resources effectively. What do these adjectives mean to the customer?

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Make sure you specify asset requirements such as dimensions, number of versions, and design elements. What issues concern them? Get the Client's Approval This is important.

Website creative brief template

The Execution Specifics Here's where the main meat of the creative brief lies. This is key. What adjectives describe the feeling or approach? It lets your team or agency see — in one view — how their work is important to your company and your audience — and it sets everybody up for success. Example: Assets and deliverables: Three different advertisements, each with a different tagline and image one version for each of the following sizes: x, x90, x Giving yourself some time to play with the numbers before you even begin the project will keep you in good graces with your boss! Click To Tweet Set goals What do you want the people who consume this content to do? You need to boil down everything you have collected, talk to the creative director , other account people in your team, and get to the essence of the project.

There's rarely any need to go beyond that. All of that research you did—the product background and competitive ads—they are all support documents. Let them know the intention of the project.

What the Creative Brief Template Can and Can't Do No matter how you structured your creative brief, the end result will be like a checklist outlining the information and objectives of a campaign. Duncan combines a deep understanding of strategy and measurement with a passion for creative and innovative digital content.

Are there visuals in place already, or do they need to be created? Get clear on who will be consuming your deliverable video, ad, etc.

Creative brief template

Don't get lazy and send an email or worse, leave a photocopy on the desk with "any questions, gimme a call" scrawled on it. Questions to answer: Tone: What is the tone of your written copy and message? Follow up the brief with as much useful background information as you can. After all, it's his or her job to oversee the creative work, and the brief is a huge part of that process. Be as specific as you can with dates and deadlines, knowing that adjustments may need to be made as the project progresses. What issues concern them? What will the audience remember at the end? Remember, the creative brief should also inspire the team. How would you sum it up in one succinct sentence? He won't fish for you, but he provides the fisherman the creative talent with the information and inspiration to be successful. By Brianna Hansen , October 11, Every creative team faces the same challenge of delivering excellent work under the most rigorous of deadlines, using whatever resources are available.
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Creative Brief: How to Write Great Ones