How to write a brochure for event planners

Use of specialist brochure printing techniques such as embossing or use of metallic inks can also serve to give a dull list that extra pizzazz too.

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Also, planning weddings are not only for couples who are to be married but those who will celebrate their wedding anniversaries, especially if they have reached specific milestones in their togetherness. Contents Not all brochures need a contents page or contents section. Directions and location Designed by the Super Super team for the Przemiany Festivalthis map is both striking and functional More practical information you'll need to include pertains to travel.

You can create an event planning brochure that is as colorful as your set up during these events. Download Event of Expertise If you are to create an event planning brochure, you need to assess first if the business that you are to do with the clients is what and where you are good at.

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Seasonal events at garden centres Exhibitions at galleries or museums Conferences Trade shows Workshops Whilst these events differ greatly in style and audience, there are some common features that any brochure printing project will almost always need to include.

So keep things clean, clear, well proportioned and well labelled.

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Using easily recognisable icons and placing this information in a separate box or shaded area can help visitors who need to find details quickly. A few events that you may highlight in your brochure are as follows: If you think that your kind of styling and aesthetic fits well with weddings, then you can focus with presenting your idea and past works that are related to wedding event planning.

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10 tips for designing an event brochure