How management teams can have a

We ended our interviews by asking our informants to discuss the reasons for their success or lack thereof.

Humor—even if it seems contrived at times—relieves tension and promotes collaborative esprit within a team. Second, top management teams help their firms to succeed through effective strategic decision making, i.

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managing team conflict

In contrast, too much structure narrows the range of opportunities, but nonetheless capturing some opportunities very efficiently is still possible. Administrative Science Quarterly, 35 3— As we puzzled over the empirical results, Shona and I were frustrated by existing theories and searched for a new lens.

Jay Bourgeois and I gathered the field data on the strategic decision making processes of entrepreneurial teams, and published several papers jointly e.

the absence of conflict is not harmony its apathy

But less structure also takes more time because mistakes are more likely and because individuals have to pay more attention to what to do.

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How Management Teams Can Have a Good Fight