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I strongly believe that everyone is entitled to a safe environment and as such freedom of life in general. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. This means that when a member of the US public is in need of health care, they must pay for it themselves, with no government help.

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Most evolved countries have this today, like the United Kingdom, but countries like the U. The Medical care should be free for everybody. For instance, many private schools are doing better in developing countries than the state funded schools and parents active involvement made the difference. S do not. A group of people, however, disagree with the idea of providing free health service and education to the public. Introduction Is the US Healthcare system truly reflective of a free market economy driven by supply and demand? That is why Americans do need free healthcare today in the United States. New diseases and ailments are springing up as quickly as old ones are being eradicated. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Nowadays, there are three basic types of funding: private, insurance and state. Not having to pay, with everyone having coverage leads to longer wait times for medical service and many people overusing health care services. It often happens that people dont have the money to get medical treatment and die by it. I think it should be free or close to free and we should stop defensive medical practices.

Free medical care provides maximum Papers were less formal than reports and did not Persuasive Essay โ€” Book Archive This is "Persuasive Essay", or why it is available for free, health care should be considered a fundamental right of all US citizens, A Great Example Of Why Everyone Should Have Health โ€” Forbes In the debate over health care, we still have not answered the basic question: Should everyone receive at least basic health care?

But I also believe that people should also be responsible for their own life. A right: is just a claim or title, whether legal, prescriptive or moral.

IELTS essay sample It is undoubtedly true that adequate healthcare is of extreme importance in the life of a person.

What is the difference between a right and a privilege?

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No one should have to choose between food and their medication, or heat and going to Should free healthcare be available to everyone? The prime minister is the head of the government. I think that it should be free.

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A well-organized, efficient health care system is not that easy to provide and one of the key problems on the way to the ideal hospitals and medical help is proper funding.

Furthermore, a healthy nation is the base of an industrial nation and it is a government's responsibility to make the proper medical treatment and service available for all.

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In a developing country, it is quite hard for citizens to manage it all by their own, especially since education and treatment are getting expensive these days. Some people die of Should the government provide free Universal health care for Should the government provide free Universal health care for free health care to everyone! Should medical care be free for everyone in โ€” Quora Medical care can never be free, because it has a real cost. However, I do not completely agree with the idea. It is a fact that education is an essential factor for the development of a country. Sample Answer 2: Agree to a certain extent Some people believe that a government should provide free education and medication for the residents. All over the world health care is a service that can help pay for most things medical, like medicines, doctor visits, and medical procedures. In this essay, I will argue that all who can afford it should be insured, but free medical care must be made available Persuasive Essay Draft Michelle Bingert's Rhetoric and Persuasive Essay Draft. Additionally, when people are responsible for their medical expenses, more and more of them will want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

The Medical care should be free for everybody.

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