Gucci case study business strategy

This they have achieved through advertisement, sales promotion and public relations.

gucci product life cycle

Gucci provides value to their customers with high quality luxury goods which consist of unique product features in relation to their rival competitors. Promotion of its business activities will help the organisation to create awareness on its products and services to the members of the society and its customers.

From the conservative look to modern, urban and youthful styles instead. Using the Five Forces Framework, how would you characterize the competition in the luxury goods industry?

advantages of gucci

Decentralization of the powers will create a sense of responsibility among the employees; and at the same time will help to challenge them on the need of doing new things within the organisation. The arts of designing new things pull off the fabulous look of every type of clothes, such as women dress, tuxedo, pants and so on.

At the same time Gucci Group in the United States needs to conduct a market research in order to understand for the Americans want from the company. Moreover, Gucci has employed technologies to help boosting up sales rate.

Before any decision are made the employees and the customers need to be interviewed on what they think about the decision and the implications to the organisation will be examined as well.

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Gucci Case Study