Fourteen points by woodrow wilson essay

Grand Rapids, Mich. Clemenceau wanted revenge on the German's by punishing them through the treaties because he believed that they were at fault for the war; George was in agreement with Clemenceau although he did not feel that Germany should suffer severe punishment; Orlando who wanted the irredenta to be re-established; and President Wilson of the United States of America wanted to create a mild peace with Germany in a fair way The Turkish people of the Ottoman Empire will have their own country.

The first page entails questions that the reader should consider as they read the chapter.

what did woodrow wilson hope his fourteen points would accomplish

The Fourteen points, he believed, would be readily accepted among the world powers and would end any further wars Debs, and Progressive Theodore Roosevelt. In setting up a business, there are abundant of components and various elements to be considered in establishing small business, among of them are planning, creating key financial judgments, and carrying out sequences of legal events.

Wilson wanted the end of the war to bring out lasting peace for the world. The German colonies were distributed among the victors in a manner which was neither free nor open minded, nor impartial. Wilson's 14 points made at the end of World War II and voted in the United States are often seen as documents that transcend that era and are responsible for establishing an international coalition.

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Woodrow Wilson's 14 point plan Essay example