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You can get a custom essay on Stonehenge now! Stonehenge seems to have been in continuous human use from about BC to BC.

In contrast, a human scientist interprets said events which are associated with human beings. Stonehenge and its purpose remains an mystery even now, more than 4, years after it was first constructed.

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Stonehenge in itself is roughly circular. In modern times, comedy can be found in different forms, such as television, movies, theatres and stand-up comedy.

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Stonehenge could accurately predict the seasons. The War Lord is a fictional movie directed by Franklin J.

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Everyone has questions and theories regarding this amazing structure. At first sight, this unique and enigmatic site appears smaller than imagined, but the tallest upright stone is 6. The moon, it has been a sight for all over time. One side of the pit was slanted to act as a sliding board for the stone when it was ready. Introduction Significance of the study Statement of the problem II. Most likely the great Stonehenge was built to be a prediction device for the eclipse. All the theories about how it was built, why it was built, and for who it was built have not been proven to this day. None of these theories have been proven, but these reasons are the only feasible explanation to these holes. Stonehenge was not built all in one single step, but rather in four separate stages, dating from approximately BC to BC. To fix this illusion, the sculptors made the surfaces convex. The orientation of the sun to the two hemispheres of the Earth changes during the year, and this change causes the seasons. Everything has a reason.

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