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First, the author talks about a middle-aged woman traveller. All his days and nights seem to have been passed in railway carriages, all his reading seems to have been in time-tables. He envies the mighty sleepers.

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At the mere sight of some probably inoffensive fellow-passenger my whole being will be invaded by a million devils of wrath, and I 'could do such bitter business as the day would quake to look on.

The author advices the readers to be aware of the elderly man, for he is the Ancient Mariner of railway travelers who will hold you with his glittering eye. Two minutes or so from their destination they wake up, collect their baggage and go out.

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I can pass, at all times, for a quiet, neighbourly fellow, yet I have sat, more than once, in a railway carriage with black murder in my heart.

Click here to enter the contest! His plays are more varied in tone than the novels, several being influenced by J.

By the age of 30, he had established a reputation as an essayist and critic. Priestley and can be seen clearly in one of the pictures. However, some critics were less than complimentary about his work, and Priestley threatened legal action against Graham Greene for what he took to be a defamatory portrait of him in the novel Stamboul Train Although the author has written about a period more than fifty years ago many of the characterizations ring true even to this present day and age.

The classic line describing this breed of train travellers ran this way " No sooner are they seated than they are passing each other tattered sandwiches and mournful scraps of pastry".

In he published the travelogue English Journeyan account of what he saw and heard while travelling through the country in the depths of the Great Depression.

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Graham Greene wrote that Priestley "became in the months after Dunkirk a leader second only in importance to Mr. The student is then charged with plagiarism and atomic bomb on hiroshima essay respect in the eyes of both teacher and class fellows. A class that transcends country and religion. But they are not often met with away from the coast towns. His best-known play is An Inspector Calls The political content of his broadcasts and his hopes of a new and different Britain after the war influenced the politics of the period and helped the Labour Party gain its landslide victory in the general election. There are some passengers who carry all their odd chattels and household utensils and parcel them up in brown paper.
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