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Those who advised on the text were, like Harold Macmillan himself, highly intelligent people steeped in a classical education who believed instinctively in the power of words, provided, of course, they were carefully weighed and assembled by experts.

The Conservative Monday Club was founded as a direct result of Macmillan's address and as such the British Conservative reaction at home can be seen as both resentful and mistrusted. Ministers of state were blacks, whites, Indians, Coloureds, Muslims, Christians, communists, liberals, conservatives.

Small groups of ANC supporters gathered in both Johannesburg and Cape Town and stood in silence while holding placards with urgings directed at Macmillan. Little surprise that Archbishop Trevor Huddleston, a founder of the Anti-Apartheid Movement, sent Thatcher a fulsome handwritten thank you letter, praising her stand.

The dramatic events of would have a far-reaching effect on Africa for decades to come — unifying the newly independent states around a common commitment to self-determination, and giving moral purpose and political direction to African foreign and regional policy.

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Never had such a cabinet been seen in Africa or elsewhere. She also refused to supply new aircraft to the South African Airforce.

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Britain was keen to retain friendship with South Africa but would not be able or willing to shelter it from the wind of change. None of this explains what Theresa May did or did not do to tackle apartheid during her time as a young member of the Conservative Party.

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A ‘wind of change’ that transformed the continent