Cambridge history of art personal statement

Rather than rely on someone else to talk for you, go back to the answer above, and consider whether you can use your own words to say it better!

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The student goes on to talk about their other academic interest: history. The student attempts to explain a less-than-perfect grade by laughing it off with a comment about reading and writing too much poetry.

Oxbridge history of art personal statement

The student goes on to talk about their other academic interest: history. As a last resort, if you have left it too late, organise some for the future, and use the future tense in your personal statement when talking about it. If you find yourself in the latter position, you probably need to discuss more subject-specific content in the body of the statement. In my spare time I developed a great enthusiasm for photography. Extenuating Circumstances will also be taken into consideration as appropriate. Profile info This personal statement was written by misscalbay for application in Ultimately, Oxford and Cambridge tend to value academic prowess over personal attributes in the personal statement. What balance do you like to see between information about why candidates want to study their chosen course and extra-curricular activities? This question will obviously differ for different subjects. For subjects such as Politics, Philosophy, and Economics PPE — offered at Oxford — and Engineering, tailoring your personal statement to Oxbridge and your other university choices can be tricky. Downton has given me an interest in the First World War, as we see its impact on the Crawley family. Absolutely not! Once an application is submitted to UCAS, it enters our computer system.

It took four drafts We are looking for enthusiastic, hard-working students with a good visual memory, and who are intelligent, intellectually curious, and motivated to study art objects in any medium including architecture.

All my friends kept saying how much I remind them of Julia Stiles in that film with her passion for poetry.

history of art personal statement example

All this considered, I would like to make Art a greater part of my life and turn my passion for the subject into a career. Personal Statement Examples - V2.

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You can find out more about what specific colleges ask for here. It is easy to look at a work of art and make a quick judgement about its general appeal, but it takes a more inquisitive mind to appreciate the methods behind artwork, the intentions of the artists and the thousands of years of rich and vibrant history art has to offer us.

The support available is excellent — every Newnham student has a Director of Studies who oversees their academic progress and a Tutor who looks after their general welfare. Then, once you have got the content of your statement down, spend time between submission and the interview ensuring you know it back to front.

Our course covers a wide spectrum of art and architecture, from the medieval to modern and contemporary periods.

History of art cambridge

The short answer is almost always no. Bragging Nobody likes people who brag. What if the student changes their mind and wants to switch to history? What, in your opinion, makes Newnham different from other Cambridge and Oxford colleges? How important is it? Newnham does attract women who like to think for themselves! Art is an uncompromised, satirical and beautiful gateway to the world and the history of mankind. Many women are apprehensive about applying to Newnham, but our students usually dispel any misconceptions pretty quickly! How to write a personal statement for history We have broken this question down into the 12 most frequently asked questions we find students ask when trying to draft their personal statement for an application to Oxford and Cambridge. The guide is below, but if you have any ideas for more resources or ways to improve this one, please feel free to message me! Your school has probably already recommended this, but just in case — do not write your draft in the real form. The personal statement for Oxford and Cambridge is fundamentally a bit of a springboard for interview, and you might find yourself quizzed deeply about any single part of it. What is the social side of Newnham like?
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History of Art Personal Statement