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Consequently, the reader must be prepared for opposite reactions occupying Raskolnikov's mind, and what would seem an inconsistency elsewhere is here used to explain his dual or split personality.

When Raskolnikov asks him what his motives are, he laughingly replies with direct quotations of Raskolnikov's own words, spoken when he was trying to explain his justifications for the murder to Sonya.

He also kills her half-sister, Lizaveta, who happens to stumble upon the scene of the crime. Part 4[ edit ] Svidrigailov indulges in an amiable but disjointed monologue, punctuated by Raskolnikov's terse interjections.

It is only after some time in prison that his redemption and moral regeneration begin under Sonya's loving influence.

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To Raskolnikov's surprise, Sonya suddenly appears at his door. However, after an illness, he at last comes to the realization that happiness cannot be achieved by a reasoned plan of existence but must be earned by suffering.

Svidrigailov also mentions that his wife, who defended Dunya at the time of the unpleasantness but died shortly afterwards, has left her rubles in her will. Back at her room, Raskolnikov draws Sonya's attention to the ease with which Luzhin could have ruined her, and consequently the children as well.

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Then my whole life was uprooted. He also informs her that he witnessed her son give the 25 rubles to "an unmarried woman of immoral behavior" Sonya. Raskolnikov refuses the money on her behalf and refuses to facilitate a meeting. Sonya follows him to Siberia and visits him at every opportunity. Petersburg with their mother. Fearing a search, he hides the stolen items under a building block in an empty yard, noticing in humiliation that he hasn't even checked how much money is in the purse. But it is only a prelude to his confession that he is the murderer of the old woman and Lizaveta. They have just arrived in Petersburg and are ecstatic to see him, but Raskolnikov is unable to speak, and collapses in a faint. At the bureau he learns of Svidrigailov's suicide, and almost changes his mind, even leaving the building. Often during the novel, these physical matters will be used to explain his crimes and his sick frightened feelings that are attributed to the squalor of his room and his lack of food. It rode shotgun on my hour commutes like a faithful companion, and was the friendly face in which I could take refuge in on my breaks. His little cupboard of a room, his debts, and his crushing poverty depress him to the point of rendering him incapable of attending classes or tutoring his own students. Upon arriving, he seems to be disgusted with the entire proceedings and finds his plans to be loathsome and degrading. Because of these labors, there is now a fragmentary working draft of the story, or novella, as initially conceived, as well as two other versions of the text.

Timidly, she explains that he left his address with them last night, and that she has come to invite him to attend her father's funeral. When Marmeladov is run over by a carriage and dies, Raskolnikov gives Sonya and the family money for his funeral.

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But Porfiry's changed attitude is motivated by genuine respect for Raskolnikov, not by any thought of his innocence, and he concludes by expressing his absolute certainty that Raskolnikov is indeed the murderer. Part 2[ edit ] In a feverish, semi-delirious state Raskolnikov conceals the stolen items and falls asleep exhausted. Raskolnikov follows her. Start your free trial today for unlimited access to Britannica. He also mentions, to Raskolnikov's astonishment, that Porfiry no longer suspects him of the murders. Dostoevsky, having carried on quite bruising polemics with Katkov in the early s, had never published anything in its pages before. A new form, a new plan excited me, and I started all over again. He had been working on another project at the time entitled The Drunkards, which was to deal with "the present question of drunkenness But it is only a prelude to his confession that he is the murderer of the old woman and Lizaveta. Crime and Punishment was there in my hand every morning and night as I walked between my home and car, like a friend holding my hand to comfort and encourage me in my exhaustion. Painfully aware of his own poverty and impotence, his thoughts return to his idea. Sonya follows Raskolnikov to Siberia, but he is initially hostile towards her as he is still struggling to acknowledge any moral culpability for his crime, feeling himself to be guilty only of weakness. Throughout the novel he will begin a conversation with an individual and suddenly without any reason, he will leave and isolate himself further. The next day Raskolnikov receives a letter from his mother in which she describes the problems of his sister Dunya, who has been working as a governess, with her ill-intentioned employer, Svidrigailov.

Dunya, however, has a gun and she fires at him, narrowly missing: Svidrigailov gently encourages her to reload and try again. Raskolnikov repeatedly visits Sonya, but he behaves in such an unhinged manner that she is frightened.

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As he contemplates whether or not to confess, he sees Marmeladov, who has been struck mortally by a carriage. Yet, had police officers confronted me at any given moment, I would have held out my hands in surrender since I was so burdened by the guilty residue of the novel.

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Porfiry, who has just been discussing the case with Zamyotov, adopts an ironic tone during the conversation. Outraged, Katerina Ivanovna abuses Luzhin and sets about emptying Sonya's pockets to prove her innocence, but a folded ruble note does indeed fly out of one of the pockets. Summary of Crime and Punishment: Raskolnikov, the main character, is a former student who had to interrupt his studies for lack of money. Here I was in the right—nothing was against morality, and even quite the contrary, but they saw otherwise and, what's more, saw traces of nihilism This shift was the culmination of a long struggle, present through all the early stages of composition. Sonya follows him to Siberia and visits him at every opportunity. Part 5[ edit ] Raskolnikov attends the Marmeladovs' post-funeral banquet at Katerina Ivanovna's apartment. This was a book that I was unable to put down as the words flowed from their pages to deep within my heart. An old friend, Razumikhin, also enters his life, concerned by his aberrant behaviour.
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