Bluest eye symbolism essay

This tragic situation affects the most vulnerable members, young girls like Pecola, as we see her idolization of the white race, through her admiration for the symbolic figure of the yellow dandelions and her fascination with the Shirley Temple cup.

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Through this narrative form, Morrison explains the current setting, as well as each of the characters personalities and their fate. After we finished reading the book, we began to form ideas for the thesis statement and gather appropriate quotes. Fervently for a year she had prayed Part of her militancy involved writing this marvellous piece of narrative in which she illustrates the problems a black girl faces due to the social standards of beauty.

theme of violence in the bluest eye

The most influential factor to her vulnerability is her skin colour. With the racial discrimination present, this ideal of beauty was directly related to white women with blue eyes and skinny figure.

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Therefore, Pecola, being a coloured young girl, is a symbolic, archetypal figure of the most vulnerable member of her community, especially with the deteriorating family she is in.

She uses the phrase in the beginning of each chapter to symbolize the perfect life, which can never be achieved by one of her characters.

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Essay about The Bluest Eye