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They also decided to attend only future meetings that were telecast live. The difference between Lokpal and Lokayuktas According to law, Lokpal is the multi-member body operating at central level. Boys moved to the nearby towns of Shirur and Parner to pursue higher education, but girls were limited to primary education.

He argued that Maharashtra had to import food and referring to food grains observed that promoting producing liquor from food grains was nappropriate. I want to say that Congress is the biggest thug and it should introspect its deeds. Moreover, some states in the country which still lack Lokyuktas need to up their game.

On 16 AugustHazare was arrested, four hours before the planned indefinite hunger strike. More than supporters, including members of Team Anna, were also taken into preventative custody. Rich farmers, or those with surplus grain production, could donate a quintal to the bank.

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However, the Maharashtra Lokayukta, unlike the Lokayuktas of ten other states in the country, lacked the power to conduct probes against the Chief Minister and predecessors. In the state government amended the Bombay Prohibition Act, to reflect this.

Jain and Malik resigned from the cabinet in March However, the Indian octogenarian Anna Hazare, known for his anti-graft campaign, has not yet given up. Hazare, along with the youth of Ralegan Siddhi, worked to increase literacy rates and education levels.

After a weekend of mass street protests, the government has appointed a representative to hammer out a deal to the week-long standoff, reports said.

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Essay on Anna Hazare's Movement Against Corruption