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Readers in the Victorian era praised her novels for their depictions of rural society.

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Partly because of her friendship with Charles Bray, who had bought the paper in June , Evans wrote some short reviews and essays for the Herald the following winter, pieces that would become her first publications. She was brought up within a low church Anglican family, but at that time the Midlands was an area with a growing number of religious dissenters. Born Mary Anne Evans on November 22, , in Warwickshire, England; died on December 22, , in London; daughter of Robert Evans a carpenter turned estate agent and Christiana Pearson Evans; attended village dame school, then boarding schools in Attleborough, Nuneaton, and Coventry; lived as the wife of George Henry Lewes from until his death on November 30, ; married John Walter Cross, on May 6, ; no children. Robert Evans was satisfied that appearances were kept up, and Mary Anne felt she had asserted her intellectual independence. Historians continue to speculate about the reason for his jump, and whether it was a suicide attempt—Cross may have had a personal and family history of mental illness—or some kind of heat-induced delirium. NY: William Morrow, Her first long novel, Adam Bede , went through eight printings in a year. At the Priory they entertained friends and fans on Sunday afternoons, and they began a series of regular visits to the universities at Oxford and Cambridge. She continues to inspire analysis for her psychological insight, broad vision, and mastery of a realistic style. She wondered if it were possible for her to earn a living as a writer. She set aside her work on this project to write Silas Marner, published in , a novel set among the familiar English pastoral scenes of humble life at the beginning of the century and based on a "recollection of having once, in early childhood, seen a linen weaver with a bag on his back. Although Eliot was most famous for her novels, she also produced two volumes of poetry. Evans was obliged to change her name by deed poll in order to facilitate access to her finances and assets, which were held in Lewes's name.

This was not helped by the posthumous biography written by her husband, which portrayed a wonderful, almost saintly, woman totally at odds with the scandalous life people knew she had led. Do you think Eliot is partly to blame for this new trend? In her last novel, Daniel Deronda, George Eliot wrote: "A human life should be well rooted in some spot of a native land, where it may get the love of tender kinship for the face of the earth, for the labours men go forth to, for the sounds and accents that haunt it,… a spot where the definiteness of early memories may be inwrought with affection.

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Although her essential conservatism prevented her giving full support to the growing women's movement, she contributed to causes that advanced education for women.

They moved to a new house in Chelsea, but Eliot fell ill with a throat infection.

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The novel's publication was especially timely in during the debate that preceded the passage of the Second Reform Bill of ; it was well received critically although sales lagged somewhat behind expectations. Gilfil's Love Story" and "Janet's Repentance. Hulton Archive, Getty Images Eliot's appearance was a source of avid discussion during her lifetime, and her looks continue to fascinate readers today. Upon returning to England in , she stayed with the Brays. Though each — philosophy and art — does so according to its own distinctive processes. George Eliot: A Biography. In the midst of the stir, Evans, fearing that her authorship would be discovered, wrote her family to inform them that she had "changed [her] name, and [had] someone to take care of [her] in this world. Gradually, these readings, as well as Charles Hennell's An Inquiry concerning the Origins of Christianity, Thomas Carlyle 's Sartor Resartus, and works of the Romantic poets, especially William Wordsworth —her favorite poet and a major influence on her novels—loosened the hold of evangelicalism on her mind and emotions. Background: iStock. At Mrs. She agreed to an arrangement in which he would be the nominal editor and she would write for the magazine and serve as his anonymous assistant. George Eliot: The Critical Heritage. Eventually a truce was reached: Evans would accompany her father to church, but she could think what she liked during the service.

Redinger, Ruby V. Agnes gave birth to other children fathered by Hunt. Published in The Westminster Review inEliot's essay asserted that these books, full of cliches and improbable romantic endings, made educated women look foolish.

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