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Bianca runs away and confused Cassio follows her. Emilia replies that she can certainly understand why women sometimes cheat on their husbands and, considering the way men treat their wives, it is oftentimes wholly justifiable. An important example that runs throughout Othello, is Iago's honesty. His most important role is to accomplish the tragedy of Othello, which brings out the themes of hatred, envy and vengeance. Iago tells her that a matter of state is weighing heavy on Othello's mind and he assures her that all will soon be well. Cassio asks Desdemona to speak to Othello and convince him that he is still a trustworthy soldier and friend. Shakespeare makes us see that Iago is only pretending to serve Othello for his own ends and following this on, Othello completely trusts Iago and is able to speak in confidence with him. We'll take a look right away. Iago first reveals his cunning and unscrupulous behavior in his encounter with Rodrigo. This allows our team to focus on improving the library and adding new essays. She pleads with him to fetch Cassio who will support her innocence, but he says the Cassio is dead. Othello Plot Summary. He asks her what she is and she replies that she is his loyal wife. Iago plays upon Othello's insecurities, reminding him that Cassio is younger and more handsome and is a white Venetian citizen. Iago is the main driving force in this play, pushing Othello and the other characters towards their tragic endings

Shaken to her very core, she cannot regain her composure, but asks Emilia to fetch her husband. Desdemona appears with Lodovico, her kinsman, who brings word from the Duke that Othello must return to Venice and that Cassio will be placed in charge of the soldiers in Cyprus.

In Shakespeare's Othello, there is one character in Iago that fulfills all of these qualifications. He has no regard for the thoughts of others and skilfully manipulates those around him to trick them to play a part in a strategy he has so meticulously planned, for example, the brawl scene.

Othello, overcome with rage, spirals into incoherent hysteria: Lie with her? But Desdemona, not quite dead, lets out a faint cry professing her innocence one last time.

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Desdemona is sleeping peacefully when Othello enter with a lantern. Unable to understand Iago's reference to the union of Othello and Desdemona, Brabantio demands to know why they are bothering him at such a late hour.

Iago works towards an aim that is constantly changing and becomes progressively more tragic.

Iago seizes every opportunity to advance his malicious plan to his advantage. He has been acting like he is interested in helping Roderigo by bringing gifts and messages to Desdemona for him. Othello, however, is an anomaly. Desdemona and Emilia leave and Cassio stays behind to talk to Bianca, his lover, who has just come out of the castle. Until the third act there are 3 soliloquies and in each one he shares his thoughts and lets the audience some where into his mind. In Act 4. He last words are to his innocent wife and victim: "I kiss'd thee ere I kill'd thee. All three characters Iago, Othello, and Roderigo had such cases and in the end dealt with different conflicts and outcomes. She tells the Duke and her shocked father that she did fall in love with Othello for the "visage in his mind" They go together to see Desdemona and they catch a glimpse of Cassio leaving out the back entrance. She pulls out a handkerchief embroidered with strawberries and lovingly puts it to his head, but he pushes it away and it falls to the ground. Then as the play progresses, Iago, the villain in the play manipulates Othello, by gaining his trust and injects him with the poisonous seeds of hate and jealousy. Is Othello incredibly gullible? Othello becomes more aware of what Iago is saying and the anger that he has towards Iago has significantly reduced, while he begins to doubt Desdemona. His evil motives are mostly a soliloquy that are never attained and becomes forgotten entirely.

Desdemona bids Emilia good night and the scene ends with Desdemona's lines so characteristic of her virtuous nature. They are concerned with the news that a Turkish fleet is planning an attack on Cyprus, which is governed by Venice.

Advertising Looking for research paper on art and design? Desdemona is distraught over her missing handkerchief and tells Emilia that she would have rather lost anything else she owns, ironically adding: and but my noble Moor Is true of mind, and made of no such baseness As jealous creatures are, it were enough To put him to ill thinking.

Othello follows the story of Othello and his wife Desdemona as their story, unfortunately, ends in tragedy, murder, and suicide.

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Racism, misogyny and ‘motiveless malignity’ in Othello