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X-Ray wears glasses because he can't see very well, and he always uses the same shovel because he claims it is the shortest one the holes dug by the boys are measured with their shovels. The evil circle still spins round and round. A few understand that they are doing the same evil thing and stop inflicting pain to others.

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By this statement, we are given the impression that the Warden even has jurisdiction over the environment, which is true in the sense that she owns the lake.

They were all waiting for a piece of the bounty.

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Green Lake also suffers from a sort of curse, punished by God with an unending drought for what the townspeople did or let happen to Sam the onion man. In the old days when slaves used to work at large farm plantations, the slaves had to work so they could get food. The lizards swarmed around the two boys. Charles "Trout" Walker Charles Walkers earns the nickname "Trout" because his feet smell like dead fish. As Zero describes the hard life he has had to his new friend, his amazing willpower and strength of character are revealed. They decided to run away to the mountaintop that shimmered like a mirage in the distance. She gives Elya a piglet and specific instructions about what he needs to do in order to ensure that the pig will be large enough to win Myra's hand in marriage. The narrator seems to know more than he shares with the reader and uses irony and dark humor to make his point, occasionally addressing the reader directly to make the reader form inferences before the facts are completely clear.

The narrator told us at the very opening of the novel that if you are bitten by one of the lizards, "There is nothing anyone can do to you anymore" 4.

If the American people stop being prejudiced they might see the lake fill up with water and everything will become beautiful again The holes were the clearest symbol in the book. During the time Sam makes the repairs to the schoolhouse, Katherine and Sam fall in love.

They send funds to support the side they want to win wars.

holes summary

Stanley takes the blame for the stolen sunflower seeds so the other boys will not get in trouble; he is also teaching Zero to read. Stanley is perceptive. When the warden tries to snatch it back, Ms. It seems that throughout the generations of the Yelnats family, success comes often, but is always just out of reach.

Three days later, Katherine shoots the town sheriff, who would not help her save Sam from the townspeople, and she becomes Kissin' Kate Barlow, a ruthless outlaw of the Wild West.

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