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List of alternative energy sources

That made agriculture possible. This can bring us a huge problem in the future. The first alternative source to be discussed is Nuclear Power. Since the reduction of the emission of gases that cause the greenhouse effect, for example, is an important factor. The rotation of the turbine blades is then converted into electrical current through an electrical generator. However solar energy is commonly referred as the rays of sun captured and used directly to generate heat and electricity. As supply dwindles and costs rise, nations will be forced to utilize alternative energy sources.

The natural resources are being used in making electricity majorly, then in gas, kerosene, etc. Human society have progressed because it has learnt to harness and use more and more energy each day. They learnt to extract metals from ores and to forge tools with the help of fire.

New and alternative sources of energy are being developed to replace the declining accessibility of coal and fossil fuels. However, alternative source of energy can substitute traditional energy sources with almost no negative effects on the environment. Another problem raised is the fact that solar energy can only be produced during daylight, the production could also be affected by the climate change or conditions in certain areas.

Increase in research and investment toward renewable energy will benefit New Zealand society as it will generate less pollution, and more jobs opportunities will emerge.

Much like with tidal energy, the benefits come in the lack of waste produced. It comes in many forms such as heat, electricity, light, mechanical energy. The clean and green alternative solutions all round us in the nature.

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When nonrenewable resources have been used, they cannot restock themselves or ever be used again.

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11 Different Sources of Alternative Energy