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Candidates are also required to outline the legal framework governmental and non- governmental requirements within which the organisation operates.

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For example, setting up a committee to review safety after actions to improve safety have been implemented is putting the cart before the horse. However, sets of bullet points are unlikely to give sufficient indication that the writer has a firm understanding of the subject matter. Some key assessments. Candidates should check grammar and spelling and should not use abbreviations without writing them first in full. This is shown through the detailed referencing and the bibliography and how you refer to the sources within the body of your report. The purpose of the executive summary is to provide a concise overview of the important points arising from the work and summarise the main conclusions and recommendations arising from it that can be read in a short time to accommodate the schedule of a busy reader. Introduction The introduction provides a foundation for the report and enables the reader to place the following information and judgements in context. The risk assessment methodology chosen should be suitable and sufficient, legally compliant and be appropriate for each hazard identified. Normally, an appendix should be used only to provide information that is important to gain an understanding of the report but which is not generally available — eg a plan of a workplace — in which case it must be cross-referenced at the appropriate place in the text of the assignment. Includes the attempt at prioritisation. Candidates must be able to demonstrate their understanding of risk assessment principles — they should clearly explain the risk assessment process being used, detailing how any ranking or scoring systems are used for comparison, prioritisation and consideration of improvements required. Those candidates who score particularly well in this section ensure that they give time and effort to identifying and explaining the relevant civil cases, giving clear and accurate references to carefully selected case law. They should be sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery or a courier service that provides a track-back facility this is a next day guaranteed delivery service. Candidates are reminded that a penalty is applied where the executive summary is longer than one side of A4 using single-spaced Arial font size 11 and 2cm print margins left, right, top and bottom.

The recommendations should lead on from the conclusions and not come as a complete surprise to the reader. It is not necessary to identify the same number of hazards from each group.

Better submissions clearly identify shortcomings in the chosen health and safety management systems against such a standard, carrying forward these identified gaps into the recommendations and action plans required later in the report.

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Concluding Comments The information above should give some clear pointers to candidates and course providers regarding the successful completion of Unit D and ID assignments. Exemplary reports often include a well structured executive summary. There is no point in making a recommendation and doing nothing about it. It is where candidates demonstrate their understanding of health and safety and their ability to apply it to the situation in the brief. It is important that working arrangements, work environment, shift patterns and peripatetic worker activities are covered in this section. Candidates should identify the main findings, possibly by highlighting them on a draft of the main body to make sure that each of them is referred to in the conclusions. No explanation of relevance to organisation. There is strong evidence to suggest that candidates who perform better in Unit D and ID use the Assignment Log from the very beginning of their studies, and at appropriate points on their learning journey. Some reports are far too long with unnecessary or unrelated information included. There is clear advice on the use of suitable referencing systems in the NEBOSH Guide, and candidates should ensure that they are capable of using a tried and tested referencing convention. A good working knowledge of HSG65 or a similar model is essential for those candidates wishing to perform well. Candidates should ensure that they understand fully the requirements of the brief and are recommended to prepare an outline plan of their approach that can be discussed with a tutor. The risk assessment should include a review of the existing control measures and provide options for further action with reference to a hierarchy of control. Page limit may be Exceeds page count limit implementation. I recognise that contravention of this statement constitutes malpractice and may result in my being subject to the penalties set out in the NEBOSH Malpractice Policy.

Attempt indication of physical likely implications. Candidates must then identify two high priority hazards, one physical hazard and one health and welfare hazard to be used as part of a suitable and sufficient risk assessment.

Clear style.

nebosh diploma dni example

Full cost benefit attempt at justification and conclusions but not analysis included. Most candidates provide a good or satisfactory introductory section, however, some omit clearly stated aims and objectives and provide limited information on methodology.

Full consideration of all omitted.

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Includes the attempt at prioritisation. Costings, omitted.

nebosh dni example
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