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This is an important indicator because it appears there is a relationship between unmanaged stress levels and higher rates of diagnosis for acute conditions as well as mental health conditions.

It is important that future studies recruit larger samples of males and minorities to examine critical differences in wellness components as a function of academic institutions.

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Charles Sturt University has provided opportunities for physical activity in response to staff and students expressing a need for them. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior — They will help family and friends of those at risk find ways to help their loved ones. But it is equally important that campus services and culture are adjusted to better serve this growing group of students and their unique needs. These include smoking, physical inactivity, poor nutrition, alcohol consumption, high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure. While it may not be easy, removing lethal objects and items in the dorm or home, such as guns, can also make a big difference. Journal of Mental Health Counseling — Its website features a lengthy list of education materials, a newsletter, and a blog to help you stay updated on breakthroughs in research and trends.

Additionally, as mentioned above, ADAA has put together a list of coping techniques to help students living with anxiety that you may also want to consider. While stress sources don't necessarily cause anxiety disorders, they can worsen symptoms. But if you begin feeling riddled with guilt or experience frequent anxiety or panic attacks, this could be cause for concern.

Additionally, it suggests several innovative mobile apps that cater to users with depressive illnesses.

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Personality and Individual Differences — These include: Distorted or poor body image Excessive exercise.

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10 Health Issues to Discuss With Your College Student