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Thus, education loses its main purpose — to spread knowledge, as it tries to spread the knowledge no one cares about.

School life is better than college life essay

The shift opened a can of worms and created challenges, both good and bad, behind every corner. I believe, what you learn during high school life or college life, it truly impacts the rest of your life. Although high school and college students aim for the same goal, which is acquiring an education and graduating, the demands, expectations, and social atmosphere extremely contrast. In High School there are many rules and regulations to follow, such as dress code, no food or drinks allowed in class, leaving class or campus without a hall pass, and much more other rules. With all the years of hearing lecture after lecture, I cannot believe why I decided to come to college. Young men master the courage of approaching girls they like, while girls get firsthand experience of having boyfriends. The best way to get ready is to choose a proper learning method.

Most of us spend 15 to 16 years in school to get to college. College professors are more lenient with minor things such as eating or drinking. Through academics, motivation, independence, distractions, and relationships, the transition from high school to college is a real eye opener for more students.

College is more expensive and voluntary while the high school is free and mandatory. Essay on Statement Of Purpose for College Life - My unflagging interest in computers began at the age of 9 when I was among the 4 students selected to represent my class in a computer quiz.

On the other hand, students in college, students usually have time in between their classes depending on the times and the class the students have chosen.

Looking in the bright side of a college there is fewer rules to be obeyed while hairstyle and cloths are not a big deal.

School life vs college life essay

Thanks to that hard work done, today I am happy with my career. The competition may be healthy like in a classroom setting. Here in campus I met new friends which all of them have different kind of attitudes and thoughts. There are many similarities between high School and college as well as differences. Rivals are the competitors, who will strive to take away anything from you, for instance, your popularity, your girlfriend or even your lunch money. Order Your Own Unique Essay! Frankly, all of the students are scared about going to college.

Those subjects can range from mathematics. Unfortunately, most of high school relationships end as soon as they start. The concept of life becomes clear here and the students get a glimpse of how the real world works.

As for the average percentage in high school assignment is worth only five to twenty percent. College vs.

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College has changed a great deal over the years and these changes, such as more freedoms, make college a much more challenging experience. In High School there are many rules and regulations to follow, such as dress code, no food or drinks allowed in class, leaving class or campus without a hall pass, and much more other rules. As a result, we became regulars in detention. But after all college is not that bad. There are many demands placed upon high school students. The Internet has changed many things including the educational system of America We pranked everyone just to make fun of them. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. I always had the habit, during my school life, to note down everything on a diary. The essay includes primary, high school and college life memories, experiences, feelings and joys, first day and last of school life. Because of the educational freedom and having more control over my education, I find being a college student more enjoyable than being a high school student. Since the assignments in college are harder it may take many hours or even days to complete, while in high school it does not take as long to complete the assignments, some are even completed before class starts. Also college classes are long while high school classes are about only 50 minutes.

A person must find the time to complete a number of tasks in a day. The only similarity that college and high School have that involves money are that both cost money, college just is more expensive.

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Essay about High School Life